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LiveWire Broadcast is a a great Internet Radio Tuner with audio/video support
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LiveWire Broadcast is a great Internet Radio Tuner that allows you to tune your favorite free Internet shows, live.
Basically, LiveWire Broadcast is an application designed to find radio stations anywhere in the world (it includes a comprehensive database with more than 10,000 stations), and record them as you did with the stations in your stereo. But now it includes video over Internet broadcastings support, too!

The number of broadcasters over Internet grows every day at high speed. And LiveWire! Broadcast brings to you access to all stations all over the world, whether audio or video, from the same program.

LiveWire enables you to locate stations by subject, music style, name, and city or country location. It also gives you direct access to the tuned station's website, and even it has a very comprehensive and useful scanning feature that plays during 30 seconds the random stations found.

Like the traditional radio devices, it has a pre-tunes system or memory where you can store up to 10 favorite stations.

LiveWire! Broadcast tunes audio/video stations that use the "streaming” mode, so you can start playing from more than 3 million files almost instantly, without need to store anything; that is, you can play all the time you want and your system will never run out of free disk space.

Except for the searches limited to 50 results, the trial is fully operational for 15 days. You should also have Windows Media Player and Real Player previously installed.

Sergio A. Durán
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  • It tunes both radio and TV streams
  • It connects to a complete broadcasters Database


  • Asks for personal information
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